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a message to newgrounds

2016-03-11 22:49:37 by theFierceKid

im shutting down my account


theres a thing thats called a terms of service and hitler made it

i cant do anything on the internet anymore without bugging my parents about every little thing i do

i cant even use the cartoon network site because:

By using the Sites and the Services, you affirm that you are at least 18 years of age (or have reached the age of majority if that is not 18 years of age where you live) or that you have reviewed these Terms of Use with your parent or legal guardian and he or she agrees to these Terms of Use on your behalf and takes full responsibility for your compliance with them. You agree that you (and your parent or guardian) are fully able and competent to enter into and comply with these Terms of Use.

are you trying to make a hypocrite out of me? what makes you think i can just go to my parents and say 'hey, can you read all this unnecessary legal stuff so i can watch gumball?'

same goes for youtube, snapchat, vimeo, supercell, and yes, newgrounds:

You affirm that you are either more than 18 years of age, or an emancipated minor, or possess legal parental or guardian consent...

you're trying to make a hypocrite out of me

newgrounds is definetly parent-unfriendly, so what the heck?

this is all that i can do to express my dissapointment

so please pass it on, or share some words

i was so happy to be a part of you, newgrounds, but your cut-and-paste lawyers made it vague (no, not clear) that i dont belong here

im giving up on my internet life; all i find is dissapointment

i dont want to be a hypocrite

edit: welp, if the terms are necessary, then i'm at fault.

im gunna stay off this website, but i'll leave my account up (since i dont want anyone to reupload my stuff again)

edit: i just dont want to be a liar, because i can't affirm something i didnt do


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2016-03-11 22:58:25

Why are you taking the terms of services seriously? I can guarantee you that 95 to 99% of children/teenagers under the age of 18 use these websites anyways, even with a 18+ terms of service.


2016-03-11 23:13:24

Most of these cut and paste terms are strictly to protect NG's behind if anything catastrophic were to happen. 99.99% of all people really don't care though lol.


2016-03-11 23:31:48

^ Exactly


2016-03-11 23:35:30

Your first mistake was putting trust into Newgrounds in the first place


2016-03-12 00:38:40

Durr, it says you can be here if you're over 13, and have your parents (legal) consent to do so, which can be a simple, "Sure, Hon!" or "Whatever." Also says at the end of the paragraph, talk to your folks about it. The legal stuff comes first, then the owner's intent comes second :p

Shit, just reading the NG TOS nets you some bonus points, regarding your status here.

I think NG is about as parent friendly as you can get for a site like this.. One day, Tom's enjoying his youth, farting around online with a domain name he bought, next thing you know, he's got 2 kids a wife, his older brother working for him. The history page in the NG wiki kinda fills in the rest.


2016-03-12 01:24:59

If your parents are perfectly fine with the idea of you accessing Newgrounds, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other site, then the whole thing is a non issue. Like others have stated, all that legal red tape is simply in place to protect Newgrounds from any liability.


2016-03-12 04:32:14

"Hey mom I want to play flash porn games can you read through these terms of service really quick?"


2016-03-12 07:21:28

People name ships after me.


2016-03-12 08:14:05

The terms are a necessary legal requirement. Until you turn 18, your parents are your legal guardians. If they ever tried to sue NG for something related to your activity here, we would point to the terms and say, "He made the claim that he had your permission", so the onus would be on you for having broken rules. That is how the entire internet has to work. It's like if you watched an R movie without your parents consent - you are breaking rules there too.


2016-03-12 14:41:56

Well, it is the law, not much that can be done about it. A large portion of the user base here probably isn't of 'legal age' though, even without permission... looking back I wasn't either when I first signed up, but it went OK! If you won't be taking that chance though... hope we'll see you again here in a couple years? It's not that bad!